Rental Application Form

Please download the rental application form and email, fax, or return it back to our office. Click here for our office details

Download Rental Application Form


Upon agreeing to the terms of the lease the following will be required:

  • An application for tenancy filled in
  • Identification of the lease holder to be provided up to 100 points


100 Points of Identification

  • 50 points* - Primary/Photo ID
    (E.g. Drivers License, Passport, Keypass, Proof Of Age)
  • 30 points - Secondary ID
    (E.g. Birth Certificate, Student Card, Medicare Card, Health Care Card, Vehicle Registration)
  • 30 points - Rental History/Proof of Address
    (E.g. Rental Receipts, Signed Lease, Utility Bill, Bank Statements, Rental Reference)
  • 20 points - Employment/Proof of Income
    (E.g. Payslips, Letter of Employment, Employment Reference)

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